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Okay, Everyone should be getting a call tomorrow (Wednesday, check your messages!) but I know some people like to get their news in print/live on the internet, so I'll post it here.

Meeting: Friday 2pm-4pm at Myrna's house again
Need directions? call her or anyone who was there last time

This Meeting Is Mandetory. Can't make it? Call me, or another officer. We'll be scheduling shifts for the car wash on Saturday and it's mostly first come, first serve.

Reminder, everyone needs to be responsible for getting at least one car to drive through our car wash (and pay us $5!) and three or so rags.

Thespians Past and Present: the Car Wash is Saturday 25 from 8AM-4PM (last shift ends at 5PM for clean up) *behind SAV-ON* so bring your cars, have some lemonade and help raise some funds!
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