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House Cleaning

November 18 and 19

That’s right Thespians; we’re really going to do it this time. Some members of Les Mis went ahead and cleaned the houses we booked last time. It was very successful. ($480) This time around, it will be even more organized (I promise). Just make sure you get some fliers from Mrs. Pilkey and start getting the word out.

Drivers: I predict that we will need at least three drivers each day. The more full cars I get, the more houses I can book (and the more money we make). If there are more cars than needed, each car will end up cleaning fewer houses. You will be compensated for the gas. (Yes, we will make enough money for that.) Also, if there are any parents willing to drive, that’d be fantastic. Some students aren’t aloud to ride with other students. (Parents are not expected to clean).

Scheduling: Note: the advertising flier differs slightly from the sign up sheet. This is because the last house on Friday, for example, will be scheduled for 5pm but you won’t finish cleaning it until 6:30pm or 7pm. (The faster you work, the faster you’re done.) Also, remember that Friday is a minimum day. If you normally get out at 2pm or earlier, you can start cleaning at 12pm. If you normally get out at 3pm or later, you can start cleaning at 1pm. Sign-up accordingly (and drivers, please indicate next to your name what time you will start at).

On Friday there will be, at most, three houses: one house every two hours. On Saturday, there will also be no more than three houses per car, but a lunch break will be scheduled either 11am-12pm or 1pm-2pm. (The scheduling of lunch breaks will depend on when house cleanings are requested for.)

This is hard work but a lot of fun for all involved, especially if you are grouped with friends. Sign-up on the callboard A.S.A.P.
<3 Emily
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