:) (shinecryzephyr) wrote in troupe4850,

Meeting, etc

There is a MANDETORY mandetory meeting on Thursday at lunch. (Yeah, two "mandetories" cause I know Alex says "mandetory" in every announcement but no one seems to notice that anymore.) Bennett wants a list of people attending festival like, NOW, so you MUST be there if you want to attend festival! I will also answer any questions you have about house cleaning and give you more fliers for last minute advertising. We really need more Saturday drivers and passengers so SIGN UP. Festival costs have gone up and there's nothing we can do about it. I don't know how much this one fundraiser will help all by itself, but if no one particiaptes in funraisers, there's no point in us organizing them anddddd then you will have absoluetly no help on the festival payments. SO...sign up and get the word out.
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