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Hey just wondering, when is initiation?

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Ert... not Monday. Pilkey made the dictatorial executive decision to postpone it because Les Mis set striking is on Sunday.
ok so we have now confirmed that is any day except for monday and that it will probably be sometime this year so that narrows it down to what? 80 so days? lovely. Oh and good job with the word dictorial,all hail Queen Pilkey!
*rolls eyes* Is it OUR fault that she decided to take on somethig that monumental and now can't find time for it? no. But now all the thespians suffer for it. Oh well, I didn't ahve a costume or anything yet anyways. XD;
Thespians suffering because of a teachers mistake, that is the way of the theatre.
so not just her decision. i mean, if i'd said "WE HAVE TO DO IT ON THE TRADITIONAL DAY" we wopuld have. and it would have sucked. it has been moved to Feb 20. it's a monday holiday on that four day weekend we always get.
ok sounds good EMily, oh and Les Mis was awesome congrats to all, oh and hope you got all your English done it's 1 AM still working on it!