life_mage27 (life_mage27) wrote in troupe4850,

Camping trip

Garrett Rego told me that he got a call about this summers camping trip can someone call me or just post her the info, I've been up in sacramento for the last week so I'm kinda out of the loop.
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well theres an informational meeting july 1st at brittany looneys house.
but if you arent able to make it, myself or someone will definetly call you and let you know all details. no worries.
wha tis her address? but wait don't tell me here Im me it or call me or do soemthing a little more private.
The informational meeting isn't just for the camping trip, but for some fundraisers as well. You'll be getting a call (today or tomorrow) from one of the officers letting you know all about it, including the address of the meeting and things you need to bring/know. If you can't make it, let the officer know then and we'll give you details and tell you when the next/alternative meeting is.
awesome thanks Megan, doing a good job already it seems
hey, let me know if you guys do a car wash...cause my car needs washing, haha